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Q1. What’s Right To Live?

-Right To Live is a social platform bringing together financial donors, service providers, volunteers, corporates, NGOs and governments with the sole mission to improve the lives of people affected by poverty.

Q2. How long has Right to Live been operating?

-The Right to Live initiative was started in January 2012 by Kote Foundation which has been operational since 2009.

Q3. What makes Right to Live different from other crowdfunding platforms?

-Other crowdfunding websites charge commission from their participants, but Right to Live takes no deductions from donations received. We allow 100% of donations received to fund the patients’ medical treatments. Some online transactions have close to 2% bank charges, but we do not even deduct the bank charges from the donations we receive.

Q4. How do you guarantee that the funds are used for the specified causes?

-We are a 100% transparent organization. All donations raised are listed automatically and immediately on the website, showing the donor’s name, amount contributed, and total donations raised to date. We also list the partner hospital for every case, as well as contact information for the patients.

Q5. Do you charge patients and/or receive fees from hospitals?

-No, there are no fees charged to the patients whatsoever, and we do not have commercial transactions with any hospitals.

Q6. How does Right To Live ensure its financial stability?

-Though our current administrative expenses are funded by trustees, champions and other private donors, we are seeking corporates to support us so that we can increase our operations, accept more patients, and save more lives.
-Right to Live, an initiative of the Kote Foundation, is the project of an IT company called Opteamix. In fact, Kote Foundation and Opteamix were both founded by Raghurama Kote. Therefore, the infrastructure and resources needed to run an organization are already in place, and the staff of Opteamix volunteer to keep the organization running. This is how we are able to allow 100% of the donations to benefit the individuals’ treatment.

Q7. Who pays for Right To Live’s day-to-day operational and administrative expenses?

-Our administrative expenses are funded by Opteamix as well as our trustees, champions and other private donors.

Q8. Who is eligible to receive help from Right to Live?

-We help the less privileged and do not distinguish based on religion, caste, sex, age or geography. If you are suffering from any life-threatening medical ailments such as cardiac illnesses, kidney diseases, cancer, etc., and you are unable to fund your treatment, please contact us.
-The only criteria to be eligible to avail Right to Live support and be featured shall be the financial status of the patient. Right to Live will verify the socio economic status of the patient and the genuineness of the need for medical treatment before publishing the same on the website.

Q9. Who decides which patients get selected to campaign for funding on our site?

-We have a selection committee consisting of our trustees, champions and our program coordinator. Before we approve each patient, we evaluate each one on factors such as criticality of treatment, funds required, background verification, recommendation from referring NGO / Hospital, timelines and any possible obstacles or constraints to raising the needed funds. If the patient holds a BPL (Below Poverty Line) card, they could be eligible for government funding for their treatment. In that case, we hand-hold them through the entire application process. If government schemes pay for the treatment, then any funds raised on our site are applied to post-operative care.

Q10. What if the case isn’t funded by the required timelines or treatment is cancelled?

-While selecting a case, we take into consideration timeline, funds required, criticality etc.
-Our purpose is to get the required funding by the critical date. Unfortunately the model cannot guarantee full funding for emergency cases.
-In the event treatment is cancelled and/or couldn’t be given due to lack of fund collection on-time, we inform all respective donors/champions. If the donors/champions wish, we will transfer the funds to another case and/or give the option of a complete refund.

Q11. What is the procedure for refund of donation?

-Please send a request to with the reason as to why you want to claim a refund, within 24 hours of making the donation.  We will certainly respect your decision and refund the donation within the next 48 hours.  If you make the claim after 24 hours, we cannot guarantee the refund since we might have already made the payments to the treatment.

Q12. Is Right to Live associated with any specific hospital?

-Right to Live is not associated with any single hospital and we are not biased or influenced by any particular hospital. We will work with any hospital where the patient is currently being treated, to ensure that the patients remain in the place where they are comfortable being treated. From time to time, in order to ensure economic, quality treatment we might recommend some alternative service-minded hospitals. However, there is no compulsion from our side that the patient should be treated at a specific hospital.

Q13. How do you ensure good governance and transparency?

-We review all requests for help from a financial and medical angle to ensure that there is a genuine need for help.
-We publish audited financial statements of the initiative on the Right to Live website.
-We directly pay the hospital for all treatment costs and no money goes into the hands of the patients.
-We provide reports and photos of the patient’s status along with a detailed cost report of the amount collected to all the financial donors who have contributed to the cause.
-We use secure and PCI-compliant payment gateway providers to ensure safety of online donations.

Q14. Which geographies do you operate in?

-Though we do not discriminate by geography, we want to ensure the cases are genuine. As of now, we have volunteers who can verify cases in the state of Karnataka. If we receive cases from other geographies in the future, we plan on examining each case, taking help from other NGOs to verify and support them.

Q15. What are the modes of payment available?

-Donors from India and from abroad can make donations via our online portal using any major credit card or Razorpay account.
-You can also send us a cheque or a DD (demand draft) in favor of “Kote Foundation,” mentioning the specific campaign you wish to support.

Q16. Do you support all diseases?

-We support all life threatening medical ailments such as cardiac, kidney, cancer, HIV, etc. We would also like to support other ailments on a case-to-case basis.

Q17. Can I refer a patient?

-You are always welcome to refer a patient as long as they are eligible for the support as mentioned. They will have to undergo the review process. Please use the “Contact Us” form to submit a request to refer a patient.

Q18. How can I be associated with Right to Live?

-Volunteer services are one of the primary requirements of social initiatives such as Right to Live. We always appreciate help from all quarters in ensuring the success of this initiative. A number of critical activities in our operational responsibilities depend upon volunteer efforts, so please have a look at our ‘Volunteer’ Page for specific needs that we require, or contact us using the form in the ‘Contact Us’ section and let us know the areas in which you can help us.

Q19. Does Right to Live receive government funding?

-Currently we do not receive any government funding for our operations, but in the future we hope to work with the government, as all possible support will help us in succeeding in our goal. The government has extended certain tax and duty exemptions to us, enabling us to minimize costs.

Q20. The problem is HUGE! Will my small contribution make a difference?

-Sure it will. In fact, donations as small as INR 100 or US$10 can substantially help someone in need. Crowdfunding is built on the principle that a little bit from a lot of people adds up to a lot. Trust us, all those small contributions put together can add up to save a life!

Q21. Do I get an IT exemption for my donation to Right to Live?

-Yes, we will provide an 80G tax exemption certificate.

Right to Live, a Kote Foundation initiative, is India's first crowd donation platform dedicated to charitable giving with a vision of - Joining hands to change lives.

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