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  • Help this illiterate single parent mother to save his 14-YO son, Santosh

Help this illiterate single parent mother to save his 14-YO son, Santosh

Santosh, a 14-year-old boy met with an accident recently while he was trying to take a kite that was stuck on the electrical pole. He was attacked by an electrical shock that led to a fracture on his skull during the fall. There has also been a formation of a small hole near his penis due the electric shock. Santhosh is suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, and is undergoing treatment at Ramaiah Medical College Hospital, Bangalore. The Doctors are advising to cure the brain clot with the medication as of now and so there will not be a surgery for his brain. However, a surgery on his genitals is required.

Santosh's illiterate mother is a housemaid whose monthly income is Rs. 6000-8000. He has younger sister who is going to school. Santosh's father is separated from the family and is not cared about the struggle that the family is going through. His mother is struggling to meet the expenses for his treatment.

Right To Live team is trying its best to raise funds for this poor family. We request you to come forward and support Santosh to get back to his normal life.

Every little contribution counts. Donate now

Your donations to Right To Live are tax-exempt under sec 80G.

Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to Santosh's treatment. We do not use any part of your contributions for admin expenses since our trustees cover those costs. The payment is released only to hospitals and not placed in patients' hands.

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