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Help Nagaraj to recover!

21-year-old Nagaraj is from Taavarekere, Bangalore. He is the eldest son of Santhosh and Ratnamma. Sadly Santhosh passed away in 2015. Since then Nagaraja became the breadwinner of his family. Nagaraj had always been very bright in his studies, but due to his family's financial problem, he couldn’t continue his education after PUC and started to earn for his family. He is working in a financial company to recover loans from individuals. His only sister works at used car showroom to manage to pursue her degree education.

In the recent weeks, Nagaraj started getting abdominal pain and fever frequently. When things got worse, his mother took him to the nearest hospital in Taavarekere and after the initial tests, he was diagnosed with dengue and was given medicines for the same. But next day it happened to turn worst when he collapsed with fits. After further investigation, it was found that multiple organs are affected due to 3rd stage dengue fever. He got very serious when platelet counts decreased to 8,000 and brain was damaged and got requirement of ventilator to breath.

Nagaraj was admitted to Fortis and then shifted to admitted at Columbia Asia, Bangalore for his further treatment. It’s been almost a week he is in the hospital and responding to the treatment slowly but still under ventilator. The total cost for the treatment may go more than 10 lakhs. But, to continue the treatment, family must pay at least the outstanding amount of Rs. 3,32,197 to the hospital. His family is in no position to manage this expenditure.

How Right To Live is Helping?

As per our background verification, Nagaraj’s family cannot afford the cost of her treatment. We at Right To Live are trying to do our bit by raising funds for his treatment. We request you to come forward and support Nagaraj for his treatment to help him get back to normal life.

Remember that 100% of your donation goes for Nagaraj’s treatment. Since the administrative costs are covered by trustees, we do not use any part of your donation for anything else other than the patient’s treatment. The payment is only released to hospitals and not placed in the patient's hands, and complete transparency is maintained.

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