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Help Rajesh For Dialysis

Patient Profile:

Meet Rajesh, he is 37-year-old and used to work as a construction labor to support his two children and his wife. Two years ago, Rajesh collapsed due to fatigue at work and his fellow workers took him to the local hospital where he was diagnosed with kidney problem. Their whole lives were thrown upside down when he learned both his kidneys failed! Now he has to undergo dialysis for 3 days in the week which cost him almost 12600 rupees for 14 dialysis. Besides the dialysis cost, he has to take regular medicine to improve his immunity and blood counts. At present, his wife is only one breadwinner of the family, who works as a cook and earns 6050 rupees per month including a bus pass to go for work. Form the last one year Rajesh was getting treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 5 and hypertension and was maintaining hemodialysis at St.Martha’s Hospital Dialysis Centre under the care of Dr.Dinesh Kumar. Currently, Rajesh moved to Lokanaya Jayaprakash Narayan Dialysis Center, Geleyarabalaga as they provide dialysis at 900rs. Rajesh is unable to continue his treatment due to poverty. Let the lack of money not be a reason for 2-year-old Dhanushree and 12-year-old Krishna lose their father.

How Right to Live Helped:

Right to Live did our part by raising a portion of the funds for his treatment. We were able to raise Rs.67,700 for him.

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