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Help Suresh Fight Cancer

Suresh, S/o Sorappa, is a thirteen-year-old active and smart boy. His father is daily wages lobar and mother, a garment worker in Bangalore. Unfortunately, He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) blood cancer during 2018. Though he was treated at Kidwai Memorial Cancer Institute, Bangalore, his condition remained non-responsive, and Bone Marrow transplantation was the only hope for his survival. It was the help of Right To Live and First Hand Foundation USA that helped him take up further treatment at Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital Banglore. But Rs 14 lakhs of expenses was un-thinkable to the family. We ran a social media campaign for him and could raise Rs 14 lakh funds.

It was all a success story for the first one year after BMT done in 2019 for him. He responded quite well and recovered very quickly. Doctor even advised him to join the school. When it was time for a big relief, suddenly a small nodule on his head and skin, a swelling near the ear created enough suspicion and unfortunately, the biopsy report in the late confirmed that his fight against cancer is not over. Like an adamant opponent, it is back with a relapse, which is very rare after BMT. Currently he is suffering from Acute GUT GvHD with overlap Chronic Skin GvHD.

The family is devastated with disappointed. Doctor’s assurance that there is still another protocol that can be tried to save his life is a ray of hope, before Suresh would slip into hopelessness. It has been planned to continued treatment with immunosuppressant support with parenteral nutrition and other supportive care. The approximate cost of the treatment in absence of complications would be Rs. 5,00,00/- (Rupee Five Lakhs only).

Unlike in other diseases, with cancer, it is not one-time fight and all smiles later. Our role is to provide the long term financial and emotional support against the disease that tries to return with all its vengeance. So, we have taken the challenge is to stand by his so long as he needs.

Our hopes are to bring the smile back on his and his parents’ face, with all your generous contributions.

How Right To Live is Helping:

As we have verified that Suresh’s parents cannot afford the cost of this treatment, we from Right To Live are trying to raise funds for his continued treatment.

Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to the Suresh’s treatment. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses, since those costs are covered by trustees. The payment is only ever released to hospitals and not placed in patients’ hands.

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