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Help little Nitesh to get bone marrow transplantation!

Patient Story:

Could you ever imagine a 3 year old child wandering in hospital corridors, rather than playing on streets? Well, that’s the fate of our little Nitesh.

Nitesh Rathod from Kengeri, is suffering from Thalassemia major and has been on a regular blood transfusion since he was 2 and a half months old.

When Nitesh was barely 75 days old, he suffered from frequent episodes of fever and constant vomiting. He was then taken to BGS Hospital, Bangalore for a thorough check up, post which doctors unfortunately confirmed that the little kid is a Thalassemia major patient. The only cure advised for the condition was a bone marrow transplantation (B M T). After being diagnosed with Thalassemia, Nitesh was moved to People Tree Hospital for further treatment. Further, HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) typing was done for the entire family and it was found that his mother, Nikitha Rathod is a suitable donor for the transplant.

The entire treatment costs approximately INR 40,00,000/- ($50,000). Luckily, Nitesh is getting financial support from Sankalp Foundation for the treatment. However, the family will still be required to raise INR.13,00,000/- to go ahead with the treatment. Nitesh’s family has pledged all the assets for his treatment and are looking for further support to continue the treatment.

How Right to Live is Helping:

As per our background verification, Nitesh's parents are economically poor, and cannot afford the cost of his treatment. We, at Right to Live, are trying to do our bit by raising funds for his treatment. We request you to come forward and support Nitesh for his treatment. Would it not be wonderful to see Nitesh get back to normalcy and start playing like other kids of his age?

Remember that 100% of your donation goes to the Nitesh’s treatment. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses, since those costs are covered by trustees. The payment is only ever released to hospitals and not placed in patients’ hands.

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