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Helped Bhavanesh Fight Cancer

You can help 8-Year-Old Fight Neuroblastoma (Stage IV Rare, high Risk Disease)

Patient Story:

Master Bhavanesh was diagnosed with Metastatic Neuroblastoma (Childhood Cancer) - a rare, high-risk disease with high chances of relapse in May 2015. Life wasn’t that easy for Senthil and his family from thereon. With support from relatives and friends, Senthil (Bhavanesh’s father) managed to spend more than 25 Lakhs for two complete cycle of treatments and therapies available in India. But in 2018, despite all the treatments, the disease still persisted in Bhavanesh’s bones as an active lesion.

After consulting the best specialists in India, USA and Europe, the family concluded that Bhavanesh will need to go for Anti-GD2 immunotherapy, which is the only resort. It was also recommended that the treatment must be done on an immediate basis. The therapy is very expensive and the protocols for the treatment to children (after approved clinical trials) are available only in a few hospitals across the world.

Senthil and his friends ran through every nook and corner of the world to find the hospital which has the suitable protocols to administer this therapy. After much research, finally two hospitals in Europe have agreed for international patient admission and administering the therapy -

1. SJD Barcelona children's hospital, Spain and

2. The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The first hospital (SJD Barcelone Children’s Hospital) has provided a quote of around $200K Euros (1.8 crore Rupees) only for an outpatient treatment with detailed information on additional charges to be provided later. However, the second hospital (The Great Ormond Street Hospital) has provided a quote of $600K euros (5.5 Crore Rupees) for a complete inpatient treatment. Neither of the above amounts are achievable by Senthil with his present salary.

Since this treatment is the final resort and the only hope Bhavanesh’s family has for him, the family seeks your support for his travel and treatment to lead a normal life.

Every little contribution will give Bhavanesh a new lease to life! You can help him in the following ways:

  1. Contribute to the campaign (Any amount contributed helps)
  2. Circulate the campaign details to your friends/family members/acquaintances along with a personal message.
  3. Refer to us the charitable institutions you work with / have strong connections with which support international patient / children's cancer treatment.

4.    Help with sponsorship to support travel/stay in Barcelona, Spain or London, UK.

Reach out to Bhavanesh's Father, M Senthil Kumar - (@Whatsapp +91 99945 20740) for any further information.

How Right to Live is Helping:

As per our background verification, Bhavanesh’s parents cannot afford the cost of his treatment. We, at Right to Live, are trying to do our bit by raising funds for his treatment. We request you to come forward and support Bhavanesh for his treatment. Please remember that all donations to Right To Live are tax exempt under sec 80G and 100% of your donation goes to the Bhavanesh’s treatment. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses, since those costs are covered by trustees.

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