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Helped Pranav Get Bone Marrow Transplant

Meena and Sabrinathan, a young couple were blessed with a baby called Pranav last year. Their joy was shortlived when within a few days after his birth, the parents noticed grey hair on the child’s body. The local doctor diagnosed that there was nothing to worry about their son and that he was absolutely fine. But the days to come became painful for the baby and the parents.

In the mid of July 2019, the baby Pranav suffered from fever. The parents took him to a nearby hospital, but there was no improvement in the child.’s condition. His fever would come on and off over the next month, and parents took him to multiple hospitals - but returned with disappointment. On a fateful day, the baby suffered from repeated seizures. They immediately rushed him to Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore, where the doctor identified that the baby is suffering from a rare syndrome. This rare condition makes the hair become grey and the body develops lighter skin. The skin eventually becomes too sensitive which makes the patient prone to infection. It was disheartening to see a one-year-old baby suffering from such a deadly disease. 

On 21st October 2019, the child developed repeated seizures and was admitted to NH Hospital on an emergency basis. He was admitted to the intensive care unit and was put on a ventilator. The brain MRI suggested of CNS HLH.  He needs to undergo chemotherapy followed by a hematopoietic stem cell transplant once he improves from his present condition. Since he does not have a complete HLA matched family donor, the child is being planned to undergo Haplo Identical Bone Marrow Transplant using TCR alpha/ Beta depletion kit and CD 45 RA kit.

The approximate cost of treatment is INR 41,30,000 (Forty-One Lakhs). As per our background verification, Pranav’s family members cannot afford the cost of this treatment. Right To Live is trying its best to raise funds for Pranav’s treatment. We request you to come forward and support Pranav for his treatment to help him get back to a healthy life.

Your donations to Right To Live are tax-exempt under sec 80G.

Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to Pranav’s treatment. We don’t use any part of your contributions for admin expenses since our trustees cover those costs. The payment is released only to hospitals and not placed in patients’ hands.

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