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Supported Friends of Animals

While India is best known for its beautiful temples, scenic landscapes, and delicious cuisine, it hides a dark secret. Throughout our country, an estimated 35 million stray dogs and cats overwhelm the streets, fighting for scraps of food, bereft of care and love that they so desperately deserve.

These animals are afforded little to no legal protection and there is a significant lack of veterinary training and neutering capacity that ultimately leads to massive stray animal overpopulation and endemic rabies. The presence of rabies and human-dog conflict unfortunately often leads to the cruel culling of dogs in a misguided attempt to control the disease.

Through strategic partnerships, 'Friends of Animals' (FoA) a small group of dedicated volunteers provide desperately needed rescue, treatment, and sterilisation services to prevent the unnecessary suffering of vulnerable strays. They also believe in undertaking community engagement as a key component to improve care for these animals while also striving to reduce the abandonment of animals in the first place.

FoA was started by students and alumni of IIT Madras with the realization that while their prestigious institutes had sprawling campuses for the students and faculty, the animals on campus were left to fend for themselves. There was no semblance of an on-campus veterinarian or a dedicated veterinary hospital to care for these animals. This is where 'Friends of Animals' (FoA) stepped in -- to provide that little touch of love and care to these indigent animals.

Since its inception, the self-funded group has been working tirelessly towards their mission; however, with the burgeoning influx of strays and wounded/sick animals and a stark lack of food available for them, mounting costs have made it impossible for FoA to continue their efforts without outside help.

To tackle running costs and fund several pending surgeries for the next three months (Jan-Mar 2020, the group have started a fundraising campaign in the hope to raise enough money to cover their expenses. Any amount you can donate helps! All proceeds will go into the rehabilitation and care for strays.

FoA issues updates on the status of animals under their care on the group’s Facebook page linked below.

FoA can be reached at the following:

- Facebook: www.facebook.com/friendsofanimalsiitm/

- Email: friendsofanimals.iitmadras@gmail.com

How Right To Live is helping: 

‘Right To Live’ team is trying to raise funds for Support Friends of Animals

Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to Friends of Animals. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses since those costs are covered by our trustees. The payment is released directly to the hospital and not given to the individual either. So, please come forward and lend a helping hand in supporting Friends of Animals to receive proper treatment.

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