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Equip the hospitals in rural and remote areas to handle COVID!

The sudden surge of the COVID-19 second wave has brought unspeakable tragedy to India. The lives of vulnerable communities are at risk as they battle the deadly virus. With a large number of families in villages affected by COVID-19, people are facing a lack of medical facilities and are crippled with the loss of livelihood due to the current lockdown. This situation is resulting in deep suffering followed by untimely deaths in many rural families.

In many of these areas, the medical infrastructure is practically non-existent, except for an occasional private medical practitioner and poorly managed Public Health Centers who are currently overwhelmed with the number of patients.

How will we help these people?

We are and will be constantly monitoring the situation and taking the advice of doctors and hospitals in these rural areas who are treating COVID-19 patients to understand the medical equipment they require. These will range from O2 Concentrators, Ventilators, Oximeters, Thermometers, BiPaP and other equipment the hospitals require. We will be procuring the equipment and ensuring they reach the hospitals.

We assure you that 100% of your donation goes directly to the beneficiary. any part of donations for admin expenses as those costs are covered by our trustees. Fund utilization and progress updates for all our causes are shared with all our donors so that you know the impact your gift has on these precious lives.

A small amount for you could mean life and death for these underprivileged people. So, please donate to support India’s rural communities.

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