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Our journey began with a single, life-changing event: a desperate plea from a patient in dire need of a kidney transplant. When this call for help reached Raghurama Kote, our founder and Trustee, an entrepreneur and a visionary leader in the IT industry, it resonated far beyond his expectations. He sent an email that unleashed a wave of humanity as individuals from all walks of life stepped forward, bringing with them hope and the funds to save a precious life. This wasn’t just a donation; it was a testament to the boundless compassion inherent in the human spirit. However, amidst this outpouring of empathy, our founders identified a crucial missing element — a transparent, trustworthy bridge between generous hearts and those in desperate need. Thus, in that moment of profound clarity, "Right To Live” was born under the auspices of the Kote Foundation in 2012 as India’s first crowd donation platform, sowing the seeds of a transparent, trustworthy online space where empathy meets humanity and collective support transforms lives.

As we delved deeper into the complex web of poverty, a glaring connection between systemic poverty and illiteracy became evident. We understood that the shackles of poverty could not be broken without lighting the lamp of education. This epiphany steered us from merely being an online donation platform to evolving into a grassroots NGO committed to reshaping futures through the powerful tools of Education and Healthcare.

Today, at "Right To Live,” we believe that every child deserves a fighting chance, an opportunity to dream, break free from the chains of poverty, and ultimately, script a brighter narrative for future generations.

Through tireless efforts, enduring partnerships, and the unyielding support of donors, volunteers, and various stakeholders, we have witnessed heartwarming stories of transformation and resilience. Yet, this is only the beginning. With every life we touch, we set a cornerstone for a stronger, healthier, and more equitable society. Join hands with us and be a part of this incredible journey of transforming lives!


Higher Purpose:

Transforming Lives Through Quality Education and Health.


"To transform lives by ensuring every child's right to quality education and healthcare, paving the way for a future where they are not just surviving, but thriving."


"Our Vision is to bring positive change for the underprivileged by partnering with corporates, donors, philanthropists, volunteers, not-for-profits, governments, and service providers."


Our Core Values

At Right To Live, we are respectful of our donors' funds, recognizing the trust placed in us by individuals and organizations contributing to our cause. We ensure that each donation is treated with the utmost responsibility, leveraging these funds to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. We believe in open communication with our donors, partners, and beneficiaries, providing a clear and honest account of how their donations are utilized. By maintaining transparency in all our dealings, we aim to foster trust and accountability, reinforcing our commitment to making a positive difference in communities.

Right To Live is unwavering in its reliability, committed to delivering on our promises and objectives. Our donors can trust that their contributions are utilized efficiently and effectively to address the critical issues in education and healthcare. Whether in our partnerships, programs, or overall organizational endeavours, we consistently strive to be a reliable force for positive change.

Authenticity is the essence of our dealings at Right To Live. We operate with integrity, embracing ethical practices and genuine efforts to create a positive social impact. Our authenticity extends to our relationships with donors, beneficiaries, and partners, reflecting our sincere commitment to improving lives and breaking the cycle of poverty through education and healthcare initiatives.
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