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Right To Live Foundation (USA) was founded on 2022 with the objective of breaking the cycle of poverty across the world by addressing the crucial links between illiteracy and systemic poverty.

Our approach enables children to break free from the cycle of poverty, not only transforming their own lives but also uplifting their families and communities. We focus on providing access to quality Education and Healthcare that aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of children, and empower them to create positive change in their communities.

Right To Live Foundation has forged philanthropic partnerships with leading global corporations and philanthropic individuals. With support from our kind partners who share our belief, we have impacted tens of thousands of underprivileged students.


Key Features


Global Presence
With a close partnership with Kote Foundation, India, we are able to address the needs of communities on an international scale.

Tax-Exempt Donations
Donations to Right To Live Foundation are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code, providing donors with an avenue to make a meaningful impact.

Low Administrative Cost
For patient care, we ensure that every donation for patient care goes directly to its intended purpose, and hence charge zero administrative cost. For projects, we charge a very low administrative cost to cover project governance and management.

We are recognized and approved by CAF America and India, Benevity Causes, Bright funds, Give India, Cyber Grants, Your Cause, etc., showcasing our credibility and transparency.

CSR Partnership
We are a trusted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner for numerous global corporations, collaborating to create a positive social impact.


Values that Define Us

We hold utmost respect for our donor's funds, ensuring that each contribution is utilized effectively to bring about positive change.

Our approach is transparent, fostering trust and accountability in all our dealings with donors, beneficiaries, and partners.

We are reliable in our work, committed to delivering on our promises and making a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve.

Our dealings are authentic, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices and genuine efforts to bring about positive change.


Our Programs

We develop and implement programs that equip children from under-privileged communities with the skills, abilities, and opportunities necessary to break free from poverty.


School Digitization
Empowering education through technology
School Improvement
Special interventions for enhanced participation at schools
Education Scholarships
Supporting higher education of bright Students
Skill Enhancements
Empowering future of youth through education and skills
Well-Being and Healthcare
Addressing vital needs for community well-being


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