Help Gopinath Lead a Healthy Life with Family

Completed on 25th July 2023

Raised:   64995 Goal:   90000
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MC Gopinath, a 63-year-old man, is a single parent of two children, one of whom is studying at the SJP College, Bangalore. Gopinath was the sole breadwinner for the family and worked as a distributor of condiments. However, due to his illness, he is unable to provide for his family and himself.

Due to serious health problems, concerning the swelling and puss formation in the Medulla Oblongata(connection between the brainstem and spinal cord) region, he has been admitted to the Popular Hospital, Shankarpuram, Bangalore for immediate surgery.

Gopinath is diabetic. Though this surgery had been performed earlier, the issue recurred. The estimated cost associated with the surgery is INR 90,000.

How Right To Live is helping?

Owing to his humble economic background, he needs financial assistance. Given the enormity of the cost associated with the surgery and subsequent treatment, considering the lack of resources in hand, Right To Live is helping the family to gather the required funds.

Please remember: 100% of your donation goes to MC Gopinath's treatment. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses since those costs are covered by trustees. The payment is entirely released to hospitals and not placed in patients’ hands.

Right To Live requests your kind cooperation by contributing to this noble cause, which will allow MC Gopinath to complete his treatment and lead a healthy life with his loved ones.

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Vinutha Jagadish
1000 (INR)

Manish Ranjan
251 (INR)

Shivani Acholiya
1000 (INR)

Ramya Vivek
2000 (INR)

Radhika Gupta
1000 (INR)

Sumathi Shivashankar
10000 (INR)

Chaman Modi
100 (INR)

Umesh Gupta
1000 (INR)

Arun Kumar
3001 (INR)

Nitin Kumar Kotania
1500 (INR)

Rajiv P
500 (INR)

Utsav Bhawsar
500 (INR)

Balaji Gunda
5000 (INR)

Asmitha Karunanithi
500 (INR)

Santhosh Rajaveloo
101 (USD)

Kuber B R
500 (INR)

Hitender Thejaswi
4001 (INR)

Pallavi Chaurasia
200 (INR)

Deb Banerjee
200 (INR)

Sanjay Udupa
250 (INR)

Ravi Kumar
1000 (INR)

Vasudeva Udupa
1000 (INR)

Thejaswi B R
5000 (INR)

Devi Aithal
500 (INR)

Deepthi Deepak
100 (USD)

Manoj V
500 (INR)

Rajeshwari Guruswamy
2000 (INR)

Chinta Ramakrishna
940 (INR)

Siri Siri
1000 (INR)

Raghu Kumar
500 (INR)

Suma T K
1000 (INR)

Lakshmi BV
80 (INR)

Ritik Yadav
111 (INR)

Bande Nawaz K
200 (INR)

Harshith Namburu
2000 (INR)

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