Contribute To Combat the Struggle for Internet at Remote Schools

Completed on 29th September 2022

Raised:   229223 Goal:   500000
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We often hear stories of the great struggles that our parents had to go through to get formal education. It may sound exaggerated, but these are unfortunately still prevalent even today.

The 21st century, which is often known for its advanced technological developments, still finds students facing obstacles to get education. For instance, students in hilly regions of Western Ghats (Dakshina Kannada district for example) find it very difficult to attend online classes due to patchy 4G/3G coverage in rural India. Internet connectivity that is high-speed, continuous, and reliable is technically not viable in the district as the residences are in hilly terrains. Students are found to climb up hills and travel long distances amidst the torrential rain to find some network connectivity. Providing internet connectivity to each house would cost a considerable amount that low-income families can’t afford.

How is Right To Live making a change?

Right To Live is taking up an initiative to provide Wi-Fi network at schools in rural areas that students nearby could use to attend their online classes. To set up this project, ISPs like BSNL would give bandwidth, and OMEs would provide hotspot hardware and software. Students can access the network anywhere in 100 meters radius surrounding the school. Implementing this project in one school could be cost approximately Rs. 32,000/- per annum.

Education is a rudimentary base, a foundation for holistic development, and a fundamental human right for everyone. It is the potent weapon to lift the poor out of poverty. Let’s join hands together and give them the weapon of productive life by donating to the cause and be a part of this change.

Please remember: 100% of the funds donated by you would be entirely and only used to implement the project.

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Mayur GN
200000 (INR)

150 (USD)

5000 (INR)

Ravi Bhat
100 (USD)

500 (INR)

Vishwas Shanbhog
3000 (INR)

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