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Run for a cause, Run without a pause

What is 'Running'?

The dictionary meaning of 'Running is 'the action or movement of a runner'. 'Running', however, has multiple interpretations with a few contextual meanings given below.

Have you come across a poor boy who sits under the streetlight trying hard to study? Or, have you noticed a girl struggling to understand how a computer works when someone from town comes to explore her village? These are familiar situations in India – many underprivileged students are 'Running' to gain quality education and a fair chance to live respectably in this world.

What is 'Running for a cause'?

Turahalli Forest Runners is a small group of passionate marathon runners comprising eminent & highly successful persons like CEOs, entrepreneurs, senior corporate professionals, Himalayan trekkers, swimmers, cyclists, and many more. They have run in the past from Bangalore to Mysore (140 Kms), and in last year in Dec 2020 from Bangalore to Sakleshpur, a distance of 222 Kms!!

This year, the Turahalli Forest Runners have set an even more ambitious program – “Magical Malnad! “ – an intercity Run of 303 Kms from Hassan to Sakleshpur!

And, this year’s Run is dedicated To

“Spread awareness about the ‘Importance of Physical Fitness & Mental Wellness during Covid Times’ and ‘Empower the students at Rural Government Schools/Colleges to quality education’ among the Semi urban & rural population.

About 30 marathoners led by Mr Sampath Iyengar would be participating in this event. The event will be over 7 days, and the Runners will spread awareness about the importance of Physical and Mental fitness as they would interact with many persons in Urban, Semi-Urban, and Rural Karnataka.

In association with Right To Live, the Turahalli Forest Runners aim to use the proceeds of this “Magical Malnad!” Run to provide holistic development of students studying in rural government schools.

Check out the detailed proposal here

How can 'YOU' bring a change?

YOU can be the contributor to the society by supporting and encouraging the passionate Runners who have dedicated their time and effort to this noble cause. The “Magical Malnad!” provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to support the cause & reap the benefits of their branding & position as a health-conscious & socially responsible entity. You can advertise your products through environment-friendly brochures, flags or T-shirts.

Kindly note that 100% of the sponsored amount shall be used for the educational cause, while the event's costs, including food, stay, transport, shall be paid by the participant runners themselves.

What's stopping you then? Choose wise, choose to support the Event, and support the underprivileged of the society !

Spread the Word

Received: ₹ 118,501


Goal: ₹ 1,000,000

Succeeded On: 29/09/2022



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    Email: for more details.

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