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Completed on 1st October 2021

Raised:   687629 Goal:   2500000
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The current wave of the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across India is being called "the world's worst outbreak." With strict lockdowns in place and no end in sight, rising poverty, a lack of access to food and an overstretched health system will have a devastating effect on India’s most vulnerable - its children.

The economic and humanitarian crisis brought about by the pandemic threatens to hit poor and underprivileged children and their families the hardest, impacting the children’s health, and their social and material well-being. These children are at risk of not only contracting COVID-19 but are also affected indirectly as their parents, families, teachers, and community leaders are unable to support them. Tragically, a significant number of children have lost their parents to the virus and are in need of care and protection. The pandemic has also disrupted the children’s education, with millions of students lacking the tools to participate in e-learning, they ultimately drop out of school and turn to menial labor to support their families.

Last year, at the onset of the pandemic, Right To Live swung into action. With the help of our supporters, we set up COVID First-Aid Centres in over 100 villages in Chikkaballapur District, distributed masks and sanitation kits, supplied groceries to families who couldn’t afford them, and carried out several other grass-root level projects. However, with an imminent third wave approaching, the work we accomplished last year may not be enough.

We need your help to support the affected students from our adopted Government Schools, and their families. By maintaining regular interactions with our school headmasters and teachers, we identify any child (or an earning member of their family) affected by COVID-19 and help such families with funds for treatment, food, and medicines. After having lost so much, the last thing we want these families to lose is hope.

At Right To Live, our onus lies in "Transforming Lives Through Quality Education and Health”. For over a decade, we have been actively implementing several programs for poor, underprivileged children studying in Government Schools, aimed at improving their academic outcomes. Our projects have touched the lives of more than 10,000 students in 50 schools across Karnataka and Tami Nadu.

It is our earnest request that each one of you generously donate to this cause and help our school children during this time of need. Every donation, however small, will make a world of difference to these families. With our board of trustees covering all our overhead expenses, you can be certain that 100% of all donations go directly to the beneficiaries.

With your support, we can continue our work to keep these children healthy, educated, and safe.

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100 (INR)

1000 (INR)

Usha Anand
100 (USD)

Girish Ramachandra
100 (USD)

Rajesh Konghattil
3000 (INR)

Tim Tedrick
300 (USD)

2000 (INR)

K T Rajan
8000 (INR)

Usha S
1000 (INR)

Udaya Kumar Iyer
250 (USD)

Ananda Joshi
2500 (INR)

Dwaraka Nath Mitta
10000 (INR)

Madhusudhan Mysore
2500 (INR)

15000 (INR)

Satish Narasimha Iyengar
5000 (INR)

5000 (INR)

5000 (INR)

Uma Subbanna
50 (USD)

5000 (INR)

75 (USD)

Sudha Janardhan
50000 (INR)

Wipfli India LLP
500000 (INR)

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