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Save 49-Year-Old Manjunath from Colon Cancer

It is shocking to know that the Cancer rate in India among males was 679,421 and among females 712,758 for the year 2020. According to the National Cancer Registry Programme of the India Council of Medical Research (ICMR), more than 1300 Indians die every day due to cancer.

Colon cancer is one such common cancer found in humans, which can kill a person slowly by spreading to all the body parts and destroying them. This can be cured by medication but if it reaches an intensive stage then it requires surgery to prevent it from spreading to other body parts.

If dealing with cancer is hard for the patient, paying the bills and taking care of the patient is another pressure for the family members. But just imagine how a single homemaking woman can take care of her husband suffering with colon cancer all alone, she has to be mentally and financially strong to deal with this kind of situation.

Manjunath.K and Jaya.K were married to each other and had a beautiful peaceful life. When everything was going well Manjunath lost his job in Vodafone company as Jio took over. To meet the day-to-day requirement, they started a grocery shop with a lot of difficulties, they were in a financial crisis. But before they could cope up with this hard time Jaya. K found out that Manjunath is diagnosed with advanced Colon cancer. He was the only one to earn bread for the family.

He is presently undergoing treatment in M.S. Ramaiah Hospital and is required to undergo 12 cycles of chemotherapy in the next 3 months costing approximately Rs. 1.8 lakhs. Jaya somehow managed to pay a few bills by taking loans and using the savings. Day by day she is not able to reach the financial requirements, she just wants to save her husband and live a normal life.

How Right To Live is helping?

Jaya is a housewife, handling everything single handed. She has no support; they have already spent their savings on the treatment and they can’t even seek a loan as they are already in debt. We, at Right to Live, are trying to do our bit by raising funds for his treatment. We request you to come forward and support Manjunath.K for his treatment. If things go as planned, Manjunath can be back to job by next year and continue his normal life.

Please remember: 100% of your donation goes to Manjunath’s treatment. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses, since those costs are covered by trustees. The payment is only ever released to hospitals and not placed in patients’ hands.

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