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Completed on 31st March 2024

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Would you agree that internet connection has become a basic amenity that everyone should have access to? After studying the situation across various regions of Karntaka, we found that internet facilities and digital literacy are unevenly distributed in Indian society. It is ironic how we assume that urban areas are well acquainted with the usage of computers and online learning, but the reliability on WiFi and electricity depends on the geographical area within towns and cities, and the frequency of power cuts.

For instance, students of so called "Silicon Valley of India” don’t have proper access to technology in government colleges due to their socioeconomic backgrounds. The inability to afford computer literacy is increasing among such students not because there aren’t any facilities but because the means to access them are unreliable. The fact that the poor cannot afford classes on technology leads to poor quality of education, which is sufficient evidence of the digital divide in India.

With the premise of a rapidly developing world with revolutionary advances in technology, it is crucial to educate the youth about the changing technology to survive in this competitive world. Right To Live is working to provide this quality education in government colleges by setting up computer labs with well-equipped infrastructure, computers, tabs, UPS, and necessary facilities.

Right To Live would also appoint a computer instructor in colleges depending on their needs. We would install smart TVs in computer labs to demonstrate and explain other academic classes visually so that the students can understand the topics much better. To monitor and assess the impact of this change in the students’ lives, we would regularly be in touch with the colleges.

Right To Live is setting up computer labs with the associated infrastructure in Government Colleges in Karnataka. The first fully equipped lab was setup at Government PU College, in Shantigrama village, Hassan, with a CSR grant from Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. During 2021, in association with Mindtree, Right To Live is setting up computer labs at over 15+ government PU and polytechnic colleges.

We could do more, but need support from you to bring a significant change in students’ education which would make huge impact on their future. We urge you to be part of this highly project with Right To Live, by supporting with donations and/or used desktops and laptops in working condition.

Every contribution does make a difference. Remember that 100% of your donation is used in crafting the student’s education and future with no deductions for our admin expenses.

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Hemanth D
5000 (INR)

Vishwas Shanbhog
1000 (INR)

Umesh Shilvant
10 (INR)

Manohar Nambiar
10000 (INR)

Vikas Shetty
100 (USD)

Vikas Shetty
100 (USD)

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