Support Doctor On Wheels for Covid Treatment in Slums

Completed on 1st October 2021

Raised:   1512000 Goal:   1500000
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How often do we overlook the "simple” privilege of driving to a nearby clinic during a medical emergency?

Then to think of the plight of those who can barely afford public transport fares on a normal day, during such a raging war for resources is horrific. The current scenario in India with the stifling supply and heightening demand of covid resources have resulted in surging prices that even middle-class income earners find difficult to afford. Imagine then, being underprivileged and yet charged INR 12,000 (bear in mind- two-thirds of the population in India live on less than INR 145 a day), for an ambulance service, to a hospital just 3 kilometers away, during a medical emergency. What happens then?

Well, in this particular case- Dr. Sunil Hebbi comes to help!

Dr. Sunil Hebbi worked a typical doctor’s job in BGS hospital Bangalore until he began his "mobile clinic” in 2011. The unfair privilege that medical support demanded from an individual urged Dr. Sunil to treat patients at the comfort of their homes- saving them from the additional financial and physical nuisance of travelling to hospitals, even if this meant him gaining an average sleep of about 3 hours. This service and diligence is not one to be overlooked as the sacrifices borne are more than one could possibly imagine. Dr. Hebbi even lost his own nephew to COVID-19, and could barely mourn the loss given the stupendously high and urgent demand for his services- medical attention and services are undoubtedly the need of the hour.

This is a story of a man in Bengaluru changing the medical service game in the country. We ask you to help us fund Dr. Sunil in his journey of saving the lives of people who can’t afford to do that on their own.

Your contributions will enable our "medicine man” to save more lives faster and better than you can imagine!

Know more about his noble work:

We assure you that 100% of your donation goes directly to the beneficiary. We do not use any part of donations for admin expenses as those costs are covered by our trustees. Fund utilization and progress updates for all our causes are shared with all our donors so that you know the impact your gift has on these precious lives.

A small amount for you could mean life and death for these underprivileged people. So, please donate to support India’s underprivileged.

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Ramesh CK
2000 (INR)

Sujatha Balakrishnan
10000 (INR)

Wipfli India LLP
1500000 (INR)

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