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Support Higher Education of the Students From Poor Family

YOU have the power to change the future of an underprivileged student

Most children from middle class families get abundance of moral and financial support from their parents for their education right from the schooling stage. The parents continue to encourage their children to pursue well into higher education also.  But, what about those bright students from socio-economically poor backgrounds -- many of them excel in their academics too, however many parents from such backgrounds fail to encourage, nurture, and finance their children’s higher education, despite their best efforts.

Right To Live (Kote Foundation) has been providing ‘Education Scholarship' since 2012 to motivate and support higher education of such poor and bright students. After following a rigorous process of verification, eligible students are chosen for receiving Scholarship Award on September 5th– as a remembrance of Teacher’s day and senior Kote Vasanthakumar’s death anniversary.

During the academic year 2019-20, 25 scholarship requests were received and 22 of them were selected for the award. Due to the pandemic scenario, the physical award was given to a few students at office, and rest were provided through cheque and online transfers. To mark this memorable occasion, a video (https://youtu.be/QwHvSctg5cg) was released on September 5th, 2020.

Encourage bright students from poor economic backgrounds

Right To Live wishes to expand this scholarship program to 50-100 students in a holistic way, including the meritorious students passing out of SSLC from the Government schools that are supported with our e-learning program with BYJU’s (https://www.righttolive.org/Support-e-Learning-in-Government-Schools). During the year 2019-20, out of the 12 High Schools adopted by Right To Live, there were 25 students who passed out in flying colours with a Distinction!!

Right To Live solicits your support to fund educational scholarships to the poor but bright students. 100% of your donations will go towards the cause, as administrative costs are covered by our Trustees and our prime Corporate partner, Opteamix LLC. We implore you to get in touch with us (https://www.righttolive.org/Contact) to connect you to the student who receives the support for higher education from the money donated by you.

Every little contribution matters – Donate Now!

About Right To Live:

Right To Live, a Kote Foundation initiative, was conceived with the core mission to help the less privileged improve their standard of living by providing them access to transformative services such as Health and Education. We are a Registered Trust under Sec 12A of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 with 80G tax exemption, and FCRA compliant. We are also recognized and approved by global agencies - IICA, CAF India & CAF America, Benevity Causes, Bright Funds and Ammado.

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  • Get in touch with us to connect you to the student who receives the support for higher education from the money donated by you.

Right to Live, a Kote Foundation initiative, is India's first crowd donation platform dedicated to charitable giving with a vision of - Joining hands to change lives.

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