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Support Idhayangal Charitable Trust to Save Type 1 Diabetes Children!

Idhayangal Charitable Trust (ICT), a partner with Right To Live, is doing yeoman’s service in treating poor children suffering from Type-I Diabetes.

What is Idhayangal Charitable Trust (ICT)?

“Idhayangal” (Hearts in Tamil) is a Charitable Trust formed by Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan, MD, FRCP, and a leading Endocrinologist from Coimbatore. ICT is a 12 A, 80 G & CSR eligible trust for the benefit of underprivileged children suffering from insulin-requiring Type 1 diabetes in India. ICT aims to let no poor child with Type 1 diabetes suffer or die for want of funds or support to buy insulins, consumables, insulin pumps, or education.

Such unfortunate children are generally aged between 1-18 years and need lifelong four times insulin injections per day. Sub-optimal diabetes control at a young age leads to end-stage kidney failure, blindness, and loss of life in the early ’20s. However, proper glucose control, regular blood, and urine investigations, close follow-up, and proper insulin treatment will enable such children to need normal healthy lives. Currently, ICT supports close to 300 children from underprivileged families and the numbers are increasing exponentially every month.

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What is this Project of ICT?

ICT’s dream is to ensure that no single poor child with insulin needing Type 1 diabetes suffers for want of the best treatment to lead a happy healthy life. ICT is in need now of crucial equipment that would transform the health outcomes of these deserving underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes. With these critical equipment, it would reduce the cost of investigating crucial biochemistry, blood counts, and urine panels that would guide appropriate treatment at the lowest cost and highest quality to poor families. This would directly translate to reduced risk of major complications and help them lead happy healthy lives.

All equipment is US FDA approved. The following Equipment is required –

  1. Clinical chemistry analyser Medica Easy ₹ 7,50,000
  2. D-10 HBA1c Analyser Bio-rad ₹ 7,70,000


How Right To Live is helping?

Idhayangal Charitable Trust along with Right To Live’ is trying to raise funds to support Idhayangal Charitable Trust project to help save underprivileged diabetic children.

Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to the Beneficiary. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses since those costs are covered by our trustees. So, come forward and lend a helping hand to yourself and a diabetic child.

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