Support 19-Years old Jeevikashree get Insulin Pump!

Completed on 12th April 2021

Raised:   70000 Goal:   65000
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Jeevikashree was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes for the past 11 years. Since then, she has been on four times a day insulin. However, her glucose control has been extremely poor in spite of being on close to 100 units of insulin per day. There is a huge risk of kidney failure and blindness at these levels. She would greatly benefit from insulin pump therapy, a gadget that delivers insulin in a physiological manner. She is currently on a trial insulin pump and doing extremely well. Her dad works in a private company and earns only around Rs 14,000 per month. This would make it extremely difficult for them to afford the insulin pump. Donating an insulin pump would be life changing and life saving for Jeevika. Idhayangal Charitable Trust and the family will take care of the recurring expenses associated with pump therapy.

Doctor’s recommendation: (Dr Krishnan Swaminathan) Jeevikashri is an ideal candidate for insulin pump therapy as her glucoses are uncontrolled on multiple daily injections with a huge chance of major hospital admissions and kidney failure. Cost of one Medtronic 715 Insulin pump is Rs 65,000.

How Right To Live is helping?

As per our background verification, Jeevikashree’s family cannot afford the cost of her treatment. We at Right To Live are trying to do our bit by raising funds for her Insulin Pump. We request you to come forward and support Jeevikashree for her treatment to help her get back to normal life.

Remember that 100% of your donation goes for Jeevikashree’s treatment. Since the administrative costs are covered by trustees, we do not use any part of your donation for anything else other than the patient’s treatment. The payment is only released to hospitals and not placed in the patient's hands, and complete transparency is maintained.

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65000 (INR)

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