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Education For All

Millions of children in India do not have access to quality education. Children from remote villages need to travel several kilometres to the nearest school, and even in urban areas, many do not have the resources to spend on quality education. 

In 2017, Right To Live, in partnership with BYJU’s, laid the foundation for the “Education for All” initiative to ensure that all children get an equal opportunity to learn irrespective of their background and make digital learning accessible to children from underserved and economically deprived communities. 

We believe this initiative will bridge the educational and digital divide by making quality learning accessible even to the poorest among the poor. 

Our e-Learning solution includes –

    Setting up Smart classrooms in Government Schools with a 43” LED TV, an Android Tablet pre-loaded with BYJU’S Learning App (English & local language). 

    School coordinators to train the teachers and monitor the smooth implementation of the program

    Periodic assessment of the program and taking necessary measures to fine tune the program to increase the impact

Currently, we are impacting around 10,000 students from 55 Government schools in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We aspire to play a significant role in BYJU’S JOURNEY TO HELP EMPOWER 10 MILLION CHILDREN BY 2025. 

In addition to e-learning program, Right To Live also includes other interventions to improve the educational outcome for poor students. Some of our other programs include – 

    Setting up of Computer Labs and Digital Libraries, 

    1x1 Mentoring by Corporate Employees, 

    Scholarships to bright students for higher education, 

    Career guidance to students in 10th and 12th grade, 

and many other initiatives for the holistic development of an underprivileged student.

Visit https://righttolive.org/Campaigns for more details on our ongoing projects.

Join hands with us to make a huge difference in the lives of poor children and giving them hopes for a brighter future. Donate Now!

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  • Providing digital infrastructure for the classroom which contains a 43" LED TV, an Android tablet loaded with BYJU'S Learning App.
  • Deploying school coordinators who will be visiting the schools regularly for the smooth implementation and monitoring of the program.


“E-Learning allows students to easily grasp the concepts with no difficulties. The concept is innovative, and our students find actually visualizing things intriguing and enjoy it.”

GHS Sampaje
- Shivaraj N. P

“The kids happily watch the videos without talking and are eager to go to class. The teachers find it easier to explain the concepts to the students as it is a substitute for lab work.”

GUPS Sampaje
- Saraswathi

“The videos help explain topics such as eclipses and minerals to students by keeping them engaged as this platform allows them to visualize. It has also led to better test scores for our students.”

GHS Sampaje
- Rukmini

“It has been a supporting hand for us teachers to teach our students, allowing us to keep them engaged during class. We are new to this but are very happy to use technology in our class to enhance the student’s learning.”

GUPS Murulya
- Chandrika

“There was no technology in our school before Right To Live provided us with these devices for E-Learning. Our children love watching the animated videos as it feels like a movie. We are extremely grateful to Right To Live for providing us with these tools.”

GHS Duggaladka
- Subhramanya

Right to Live, a Kote Foundation initiative, is India's first crowd donation platform dedicated to charitable giving with a vision of - Joining hands to change lives.

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